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Aquaria KLCC
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Very wonderful aquarium that has other animals like otters, too! I thought it was well worth the visit and the entrance fee, but take your time going through because it's just a one-way route!
Benny PohBenny Poh
07:30 16 Apr 24
Overall good experience and highly recommend purchasing tickets online. You can get a good price and skip the long queue to enter the Aquarium. The Aquarium is located on the other side of KLCC, so be prepared for a long walk to get there. Parking in KLCC is not cheap, as is typical for the Kuala Lumpur city area.
Arandelle OfficialArandelle Official
15:10 10 Apr 24
This is one of the great attractions in KL, it's located in KLCC lower ground, and u still need to walk a little bit cause it's actually at the very back side.The place is very crowded during big events, and doesn't really make me feel comfortable in seeing fish cause the people are a lot...I suggest u to come on weekdays or regular weekends for better experience...Anyways, the fishes are very vary and come from different places in the world... U can also experience passing through their aquarium tunnel and feel like u are surrounded by giant fishes.. So it's really worth to try! And the price is not so pricey for the tickets..
Arun MArun M
17:13 08 Apr 24
Don't miss this place if want know about what beneath the sea. The aquarium features various exhibits, including a giant oceanarium tunnel, interactive touch pools, and educational displays. Coral reefs, beautiful turtles, majestic sharks and much more fascinating creatures makes the place special. Overall, Aquaria KLCC offers a memorable and educational experience for visitors of all ages, making it a must-visit attraction in Kuala Lumpur.
Tracy VegaTracy Vega
10:23 01 Apr 24
We walked to Aquaria KLCC on a very wet stormy day, getting there was easy and the entrance welcoming, it wasn’t too busy and we’d bought our tickets online. The experience is well worth the ticket price and there’s plenty to see. My favourite - the tunnel with the sharks coming over your head , also the Turtle and the Manta Rays … just awesome,
12:34 12 Mar 24
It is one of the top aquarium attractions in south east Asia. Do not forget to visit this place if you are in KUL. It is in Kuala Lumpur convention center. twin tower is adjacent to it. It spread over 60000 sq ft.Walk through 90 meter under water tunnel to enjoy the greatest view of aquarium.Ticket Price:Adult- 75 RMChild (3-12Y)- 65 RMSenior Citizen (above)- 65 RMOpen @10AMClose@8PM last entry@7PM.They have the photographer at the end you can buy your photos. The charges are for digital photo is 50 RM.
Gerald SolimanGerald Soliman
06:19 03 Mar 24
Nice amount of variety in the exhibits, which appear clean and well-maintained. Plenty of descriptions as well for people wanting to become more educated about aquatic life. However, it was a bit smaller than I expected especially given the price (for foreigners, at least) - not quite as big as other aquariums I have been to. I finished in half an hour with a cursory look at all exhibits. Perhaps groups or families will take 1-2 hours to appreciate everything.
Marco CantoniMarco Cantoni
01:35 01 Mar 24
Very nice aquarium inside of the Convention Centre. Wasn’t too crowded when I went (11am weekday) although there was a primary school trip so loads of highly excitable children loving the fish.. was a surprise to see also meerkats and some other non aquatic animals.. Takes about an hour to walk around and see everything.
Rupak SomRupak Som
08:29 16 Feb 24
We visited this place on the fourth day our visit to Malaysia and it was really great experience. I have never been to such a place and it looked very interesting to me. For the first time in my life, I saw so many Manta Rays and lot more oceanic creatures from so near distance. Loved it.
vinay sabuvinay sabu
08:50 13 Feb 24
KLCC Aquaria delivers an enchanting underwater adventure, albeit with a relatively higher cost for international visitors. Its diverse exhibits offer a wealth of mesmerizing sights, notably the striking shark showcases and the intriguing presence of Piranhas. Each area is brimming with comprehensive insights into marine life, ensuring an enriching educational experience. Expect some walking, but the extensive array of sea creatures, from fish to lobsters, sea snakes, and preserved specimens, guarantees a rewarding journey for marine aficionados. Despite occasional crowding, it's a delight for kids and adults alike.
pranav mdpranav md
04:22 01 Feb 24
Nice aquarium museum in Kuala Lumpur city. Very well maintained aquarium. Nice place to bring our kids, they will like it. We can find many different varieties of fish species here. Aquariums are not that big compared to the ones in Japan and Dubai. We can also take photos from here. There is an area for shopping at the end of the museum. Items are not so costly. I bought a few gift items from here for my nephew's from here at a decent price.
Abdul MugisAbdul Mugis
14:58 31 Jan 24
These aquaria had variety of aquatic animals and plant species. The area is large with a considerable number of endangered animal species that one might never be able to find in outside water habitats.It’s a great place for children to have fun seeing fishes, amphibians, mammals, and reptiles. Families can also take good and memorable pictures with the numerous picturesque views.Going there on a weekday gives a hassle-free experience, it’s is not crowded, there’s no waiting time, and you might not need to reserve a ticket in advance. Moreover, there’s not heat in the tunnel because it’s not entirely jam packed.
Waqas Ahmed AnsariWaqas Ahmed Ansari
10:53 20 Jan 24
Aquaria KLCC offers a fascinating aquatic experience, although it leans towards the pricey side for foreigners. The variety of exhibits provides a plethora of captivating sights, with particular highlights being the impressive shark displays and the intriguing presence of Piranhas. Each section is enriched with extensive information about sea creatures, making it an educational journey. Be prepared for a fair amount of walking, but the diverse range of sea life, including fish, lobsters, sea snakes, sea horses, and even preserved animals, makes it a worthwhile adventure for marine enthusiasts.
Kiran BandreKiran Bandre
15:03 17 Jan 24
I had an amazing experience at KLCC Aquaria in Malaysia. It's a must-visit destination, especially if you're traveling with family. My wife and daughter particularly enjoyed the vibrant marine life and the well-designed exhibits. The highlight for us was the underwater tunnel, where we felt completely immersed in the aquatic world. For a smoother experience, I recommend booking tickets in advance through Klook, as it offers a significant discount compared to on-site prices. This place is not just an aquarium; it's an educational journey through diverse marine ecosystems. Don't miss it if you're in Malaysia!
Sunil B NSunil B N
12:28 10 Jan 24
Had an amazing experience visiting this aquarium. It’s located inside KLCC. It is recommended to book the tickets in advance. Mobile tickets should suffice here. You will be greeted with a photoshoot and then you can spend time seeing variety of fishes. The tunnel experience is something noteworthy which has a moving walkway providing you the best views. Kids will enjoy this a lot
Sabīne SarkaneSabīne Sarkane
18:11 09 Jan 24
The animals are unique to see. The main tunnel is very beautiful, and there are a lot of habitats you can see. However, the Aquaria is quite small. For me, it was enough 1 hour to see all the aquarium. Maybe if you have children and you also visit the store, then the visit can take up to 2 hrs. I have read in the internet, that there are also feeding shows available, but I haven’t seen any (but it is not because of the aquarium, it was me, who came to visit in the last couple working hours). However, if you want to see the shows, I advice to find out the times in advance
Thomas LiewThomas Liew
04:00 06 Jan 24
Visiting Aquaria KLCC was a fantastic experience where I got to encounter a wide variety of sea creatures. From colorful tropical fish to majestic sharks, the diversity of marine life was truly captivating. The interactive exhibits and educational displays made the visit both entertaining and informative. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to explore the wonders of the underwater world.
Kah Hoong WongKah Hoong Wong
07:25 31 Dec 23
Went on weekday during school holiday at around 2.30 pm, it was quite crowded but the crowd move quickly so we got a chance to take photos at each exhibit. Bought ticket online (Klook) and hence the waiting time to go in is cut short.It was warm and humid inside and it would be a better experience if the place is cooler.Overall a decent experience, worth visiting once for the kids.
14:31 27 Dec 23
A great choice if you're looking for an aquarium attraction. Wide variety of exhibits with scheduled feeding sessions.Only gripe is the huge crowd on a school holiday, thus it was slightly hot. The tunnel walkalator was also under maintenance when we visited.Best to book tickets online in advance.
Amni RemliAmni Remli
09:13 24 Dec 23
I bought ticket on advance no waiting time. However, I went on weekends on Christmas Eve, reach around 11.30am and it is quite packed already.If you have time on weekdays and not PH better visit during that time. It is kinda hot when there’s too many people and can’t enjoy telling kids or let kids see for too long to satisfy their curiosity due to a long queue inside.Overall it is nice, and can improve to put kore species there :))
Arsham MostaaniArsham Mostaani
10:58 20 Dec 23
It was a nice aquarium. I would recommend it specially if this your first time visting an aquarium, otherwise the value added might be little. The tunnel was relatively long, about 30-50 meters. In a week day, it wasn't too crowded.
Lee Boon KitLee Boon Kit
17:06 12 Dec 23
Aquaria KLCC offers a great experience for the RM50 entry fee for Malaysians.While it may not be the best aquarium out there, it boasts a variety of oceanic life that makes it worth a visit. It's an ideal place to bring kids for study trips, as it provides an educational and fascinating glimpse into the underwater world.The staff is friendly, the exhibits are well-maintained, and the overall experience is enjoyable. I recommend visiting, especially if you are a Malaysian.Let's start supporting local tourism!
09:12 10 Dec 23
Small but enough.There wasn’t as many people as thought on weekends. It had many varied fishes and spices. The tunnel was the most amazing part and you don’t even need to walk but it was quite long.
Nazrul IbrahimNazrul Ibrahim
11:36 05 Dec 23
Have a great experience with the animals. Labelling and information on each display is good and useful. I just hope they reduce the price of the picture taken at the entrance. Not many people are willing to pay 150++ for pictures. Entry tickets are acceptable compared to what they offer to visitors.
Putri MahazirPutri Mahazir
07:42 05 Dec 23
Our visit was great because we bought advanced tickets on klook. Ticket redemption process was very smooth and the exhibits and show from the staffs are very information. Enclosure and tanks are all very well maintained and we managed to even see the divers clean the tanks in the tunnel. However if you come with a stroller, it’s quite a hassle as the walking space is quite small if there is a big crowd. It also spans between two floors so you will be escorted to the lift to bring you stroller down or up the exhibit.
Bernard OngBernard Ong
11:56 29 Nov 23
Great aquarium. My kids ❤️ it. Lucky on weekday. Need not to wait long for my turn to snap picture n video recording.The tunnel travelator move kinda slow for me, Lol. Anyway, my girl loves the giant stingray swam across the tube. It felt very majestic.
Arpit SinghArpit Singh
03:27 09 Nov 23
The tickets for foreign nationals were RM 79, it was small, crowded (that maybe because I visited on weekend). The place is nice, one time visit but not so much to explore, there is one small ride of underground experience, apart from that there are normal aquarium with different species of marine life. I think children will enjoy more.
Chotie K.Chotie K.
00:26 28 Oct 23
A small aquarium with spacious rooms to see under the water world. many kinds of fish but not that much and knowledge for helping this planet earth to protect the climate and pollution. Good leisure activity in free time. It is good for kids and adults who are still young at heart. P.S. the tunnel was very crowded, too many people to get in side.
Dario BasarDario Basar
15:17 25 Oct 23
Loved the aquarium, was such a nice spot to visit. I came on Tuesday morning, 10.15, so it was still very quiet, and I was able to enjoy my time as there were only a few people with me. Definitely recommend going there early on weekdays!What I didn't like was, that there was few people taking pictures with flashlights on there phones, and they weren't worned properly to stop, they should be warned once, and once they do it again, they should be removed from aquarium straight away. In the end, I was the one arguing with two ignorant women's to stop using flashlights and to think about fishes and not about IG photos!
16:11 07 Oct 23
Cool place to visit during your time at KLCC. Lot of sharks, got piranha live feeding session. The one of best round glass aquarium. Variety of fresh water and sea water fish. The ticket was quite expensive but worth it.
Everardo OrtizEverardo Ortiz
09:28 27 Sep 23
A fine aquarium I would recommend. In specific their last exhibition were you can see the main tank. We were lucky to also be there at the time they were feeding the sharks.
Fei CheeFei Chee
14:03 21 Sep 23
a good place to kill your time with family n friends. the tunnel aquarium was a great experience to watch sea creatures swimming above our heads. Can learn about many interesting information regarding the creatures. Children will love this place.
Manjeet SinghManjeet Singh
15:32 18 Sep 23
I loved this place as it is not only an interesting place to visit but also we have a chance to witness the beauty of the sea life. Due to heavy crowd and less air ventilation you might feel uneasy but rest is good. Keep your tickets booked in advanced to avoid long ques and wait time.
15:31 16 Sep 23
Beautiful aquarium located in Kuala Lumpur. There is a conveyor belt to get to the tunnel level where you can have fish passing over your heads. There are many species of fish, turtles and sharks. The visit can easily be done in one hour but it’s a real pleasure to share this moment with family. It’s possible to see the fish feeding. There is a large souvenir shop. The Aquaria is well organized, clean like the others aquariums in Asia like the one in Bangkok.
Jonee de LeonJonee de Leon
00:16 05 Sep 23
We give this place 5 stars. An absolute winner for my 4 year old daughter. Thousands of fish species. It was truly an educational tour for all ages. Sharks, manta rays, eels, turtles, jellyfish and more. It's a well- maintained amusement park and even provides feeding session shows for people to participate. Amazing aquarium. We loved the walk in conveyor belt aquarium the most!
Lots of underwater species which can be found in Malaysia sea territory are exhibited here. We enjoyed the tunnel experience where you can see different sea creatures swimming above your head. Was also able to watch how jelly fishes are fed. There were lots of students on tour when we visited the place so its a bit crowded.
Harish SinglaHarish Singla
14:45 30 Aug 23
We visited the Aquaria on Sunday but was not much crowded. Hardly 10 minutes waiting time in the queue.We really had a great time (around 1.5 hrs) exploring different species of the fish.The best part was the water tunnel walk where the fishes were freely swimming above the head with some awesome jawdropping moments.Worth a visit in Kuala Lampur, better to buy online tickets to enjoy the discounts and avoid the queue at the counter.
Francesca Therese LeeFrancesca Therese Lee
16:44 28 Aug 23
Thought it was a really nice place to visit for a few hours while visiting KL! We bought our tickets from a third party website called Pelago which offered a slightly cheaper rate (RM42 for Malaysian citizens) compared to Aquaria itself.We spent about 3 hours reading on the marine life, looking at the different species in different types of water as well as attending some of their feeding shows!The tunnel was the highlight for me as a lot of marine life swam past the tunnel. We could even spot all 3 of the tiger sharks and all 2 of the sea turtles while going through the tunnel!I do agree though with other reviews that say the tanks are overcrowded. But I’m not sure how I can recommend it to be better besides installing another tunnel?One thing I didn’t really like was how crowded and hot the place was. It says there’s a limit to how many people can enter at once but it still was overcrowded and really hot. I can’t imagine what it must be like on weekends.I would definitely recommend coming here to visit by yourself, with your family or friends! But do try your best to come on a normal weekday because the crowds can be overwhelming sometimes. Enjoy! :)
Mei Jyn YeowMei Jyn Yeow
11:48 23 Aug 23
We had a fun time visiting on a weekday evening, entered at 330pm and took 2 hours browsing. We watched the piranha feeding at 4pm and otter feeding at 430pm. Low crowd and we could move around easily. We loved the bioluminescent exhibit too, it was so amazing.Would advise visitors to buy tickets online for example via Klook to enjoy a discount, and you don't have to wait to enter. You can buy it there and then, with instant confirmation so you don't have to buy it in advance.
Dan LeungDan Leung
07:12 10 Aug 23
Amazing aquarium, it is a little small compared to others around the world, but it does the job for 1 hour 45 mins. Great tunnel and sharks. Loads of extras too to see
Pidatiah Abdul KarimPidatiah Abdul Karim
04:56 02 Aug 23
Noor HanaNoor Hana
02:38 02 Aug 23
Best place to bring your child along, gain new thing, new experience and explore.
02:38 02 Aug 23
Andika Putra AgustianAndika Putra Agustian
13:58 01 Aug 23
It's recommended to purchase online ticket to reduce waiting in line.You can find lots of fauna here, I thought this is one of the largest indoor aquarium that I ever visited!!
ياسمين راجحياسمين راجح
13:01 01 Aug 23
Jason CruzJason Cruz
07:09 01 Aug 23
It's not a bad way to spend some time while waiting to do something else. The displays are far fewer than most aquariums, though there are enough interesting exhibits to keep your attention. The tunnel is a must-do if you're here.In terms of buying tickets, third-party sites are surprisingly cheaper, especially with weekday rates.
Julie HJulie H
11:51 27 Jul 23
Well organised not to busy on a weekday . Ideal location as next door the big shopping centre. Can buy tickets online or on the day . Able to get around with wheelchair or pushchair. Cheaper for local residents as it should be . Plenty of car parking around . Seen lots of various oven life . Like the idea of educating people about the environment , pollution and eco systems. Yes would go again .
Craig RichardsCraig Richards
14:44 04 Jul 23
Really enjoyed the numerous species of fish at the aquarium. The tunnel to closely see the sharks and rays was very personal. However, I was surprised to see a petting area for visitors to touch the marine life.
Behroz KhanBehroz Khan
12:17 22 Aug 22
One of the best places to visit with kids. Definately worth spending. Very well preserved and clean aquarium. With a nice around the place tour. Kids love it and so do we.
Arra YoliverArra Yoliver
06:58 07 Jun 22
A great place to go with family to see the aquatic life. Bought tickets online to avoid congestion during the weekend which is useful as we went on payday. Overall, the visit is pleasant and we enjoyed the place.
May YuenMay Yuen
13:45 02 Apr 22
Overall we had a fun time. Just people will crowd around the tanks. Adults also don't give way to children to have a look. Best to just wait and have a turn but as you know how impatient kids are.The environment is clean. Tanks are clean. I hope the sea animals are well taken care of.I bought my tickets from Travelog, Lazada. Immediately got my tickets, booked my slot at the Aquaria website and when we were there we just scan and walk in. Tickets are slightly cheaper from Lazada versus buying from the ticket counter. We went at 3.30pm. Not so crowded.
Lucilla StrangeLucilla Strange
20:36 01 Jan 22
Crowded and not much of attraction. It took me only half an hour to finish the tour inside, not worth it. I don't even see piranhas. But most fishes are familiar with guests, they even swim close for photos.

Aquaria KLCC is a captivating marine and land animal exhibition in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Malaysia, officially opened in August 2005. As one of the premier tourist attractions in the city, Aquaria KLCC offers visitors an opportunity to explore the wonders of the underwater world and learn about various species of marine life and land animals. Located in KLCC, approximately 15 km from Taman Melawati, it has since become a prominent destination for domestic and international tourists, drawing visitors of all ages with its diverse exhibits and educational offerings. After an enriching visit to Aquaria KLCC, visitors can also enjoy Burger and Lobster Suria KLCC, an international culinary sensation that has taken the globe by storm since its inception in 2011, offering a delectable dining experience nearby.

With its slogan “Discover-Learn-Experience,” Aquaria KLCC promises a journey of exploration, education, and wonder as it transports visitors into the depths of the underwater world and unveils the marvels of terrestrial creatures.

Spanning across an expansive 60,000-square-foot oceanarium with more than 5,000 land and sea creatures representing over 250 species, Aquaria KLCC is a treasure trove of marine and land diversity, divided into ten distinct sections such as Evolution Zone, The Stream, Touch Zone, Jewels of Jungle, Shipwreck, Flooded Forest, The Coastal, Living Ocean, Station Aquarius, Weird and Wonderful that unfold across two captivating levels.

Level 1:

A highlight not to be missed is the 90-meter underwater tunnel when entering Aquaria KLCC at Level 1, where curious aquatic species gracefully glide overhead, creating an immersive experience akin to walking on the ocean floor. This mesmerising journey of discovery captures the imagination and fosters a deeper appreciation for the wonders of marine life and terrestrial ecosystems.

On Level 1, visitors will immerse themselves in the Evolution Zone, where intriguing creatures like the Piranhas, the Gene Pool inhabitants, and the mesmerising Electric Zone creatures showcase the marvels of evolution. The adventure continues in The Stream section, where the Riverbank Jungle and Otter Den introduce you to the wonders of freshwater life. Finally, the Shipwreck section invites you to explore the enchanting Tales of the Ocean, the Coral Walk, and the fascinating Coral Discovery exhibit.

Level 2:

Guests are greeted by the mysterious Deep Forest zone at Level 2. The Flooded Forest and Freshwater Journey exhibit unveils the secrets of lush, freshwater habitats. The journey progresses to The Coast section, where the Mudflats, Coastal Nursery, mangroves, and Coastal displays reveal the fascinating interplay between land and sea.

The Living Ocean awaits as the Main Oceanarium, where visitors can marvel at the vast underwater world teeming with marine life from various regions. Be enchanted by the aquatic dance of colourful fish and graceful rays as you walk through the Living Ocean.

Next is the Aquatheatre, a highlight of Level 2. Here, the feeding sessions of Sharks, turtles, and rays take centre stage, providing an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures. Prepare to be captivated in the Weird & Wonderful zone, where the mesmerising display of jellyfish showcases their otherworldly beauty and captivating movements.

Aquaria KLCC offers scheduled feeding sessions, providing a unique opportunity to observe the animals during mealtime and learn about their dietary preferences and natural behaviours led by professional aquarists. These interactive experiences deepen the connection between visitors and the animal kingdom, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for the diversity of life on Earth. 

Daily Feeding

The daily feeding session schedule is from 10.45 am to 6.00 pm.

ExhibitFeeding Time
Touch Pool (Variety of Species)10.45 am
The Stream (Asian Small Clawed Otter)11.15 am and 4.30 pm
Aquatheatre (Variety of Marine Species)12.00 pm, 3.00 pm, and 6.30 pm
Station Aquarius (Jellyfish & Seahorse)12.15 pm and 3.15 pm
Living Ocean (Variety of Marine Species)12.30 pm and 3.30 pm
Weird & Wonderful (Variety of Species)1.00 pm
Evolution Zone (Red Bellied Piranha)4.00 pm
Flood Forest (Freshwater Species)5.30 pm
The Coastal (Variety of Species)5.45 pm

Special Feeding

In addition to the regular feeding schedule, there are special feeding sessions on specific days:

Electric Eel at The Stream: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 11.00 am

Arapaima at The Flooded Forest: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 2.30 pm

Sand Tiger Shark at Aquatheatre: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 3.00 pm

Ticket Prices and Discover for Conservation:

Aquaria KLCC offers different ticket options to cater to various visitors. For MyKad holders (Malaysian Citizens), the ticket price starts from RM52.00. This exclusive price allows Malaysian citizens to experience the wonders of the oceanarium and witness the exotic water and land animals up close.

The oceanarium’s primary mission goes beyond entertainment and emphasies the importance of conservation and environmental awareness. By visiting Aquaria KLCC, patrons enjoy a memorable experience and contribute to supporting the institution’s efforts towards wildlife preservation and environmental education.

Education and Exhibition:

Aquaria KLCC spans an impressive 60,000 square feet and features over ten unique sections. Each exhibition showcases diverse marine and land species, enabling visitors to gain valuable insights into the rich biodiversity of aquatic life and terrestrial creatures.

The exhibition aims to captivate the audience with stunning displays and educate them about the ecosystems and conservation challenges these remarkable animals face. Visitors can learn about the importance of preserving marine life and its impact on the ecological balance.

General Admission Prices:

For non-Malaysian citizens, the General Admission ticket price starts from RM75.00. This option caters to international visitors who wish to explore the same enchanting exhibits and witness the diverse range of aquatic and land animals at Aquaria KLCC.

For an optimal experience, the best time to visit Aquaria KLCC is on weekdays. During weekdays, the crowds are generally more manageable, allowing visitors to leisurely explore the exhibits and enjoy the interactive experiences without feeling rushed.

However, it’s essential to note that Aquaria KLCC is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists, and as such, you can expect larger crowds on weekends. If you plan to visit on weekends, it’s advisable to arrive early to make the most of your visit and have ample time (at least 2 hours) to explore the exhibits without the hustle and bustle of peak hours.

Booking Online Tickets:

For added convenience, visitors can book their tickets online through the official website at https://tickets.aquariaklcc.com/. The online ticketing system offers a hassle-free experience, allowing visitors to plan their visit and secure their spot without queueing at the ticket counter.


What is Aquaria KLCC?

Aquaria KLCC is a captivating marine and land animal exhibition located in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Malaysia. It offers visitors an opportunity to explore the wonders of the underwater world and learn about various species of marine life and land animals.

What are the operating hours of Aquaria KLCC?

Aquaria KLCC is open every day, including weekends, school holidays, and public holidays, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The last admission is at 6.00 pm.

What are the ticket prices for Aquaria KLCC?

For Malaysian citizens (MyKad holders), ticket prices start from RM52.00. For non-Malaysian citizens, the General Admission ticket price starts from RM75.00.

What are the special feeding sessions at Aquaria KLCC?

Aquaria KLCC offers special feeding sessions on specific days, featuring the Electric Eel at The Stream on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 11.00 am, the Arapaima at The Flooded Forest on the same days at 2.30 pm, and the Sand Tiger Shark at Aquatheatre on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 3.00 pm.

How can visitors book tickets for Aquaria KLCC?

Visitors can book their tickets online through the official website at https://tickets.aquariaklcc.com/ for a hassle-free experience and to secure their spot without queueing at the ticket counter.

What are the highlights on Level 1 of Aquaria KLCC?

Level 1 of Aquaria KLCC features the 90-meter underwater tunnel, where visitors can walk on the ocean floor and witness aquatic species gracefully gliding overhead. It includes the Evolution Zone, showcasing intriguing creatures like Piranhas and the Gene Pool inhabitants, as well as The Stream section, introducing freshwater life with the Riverbank Jungle and Otter Den.

What can visitors expect to see on Level 2 of Aquaria KLCC?

On Level 2, visitors will encounter the mysterious Deep Forest zone, the Flooded Forest, and Freshwater Journey exhibit that unveil the secrets of lush, freshwater habitats. The journey continues to The Coast section, revealing the interplay between land and sea with displays of Mudflats, Coastal Nursery, mangroves, and Coastal areas. The Main Oceanarium, known as the Living Ocean, is also located on this level, showcasing a vast underwater world teeming with marine life from various regions.

What interactive experiences are offered at Aquaria KLCC?

Aquaria KLCC offers scheduled feeding sessions, allowing visitors to observe animals during mealtime and learn about their dietary preferences and natural behaviors. The sessions take place at various zones, including the Touch Pool, The Stream, Aquatheatre, Station Aquarius, Living Ocean, Evolution Zone, Flood Forest, and The Coastal.

What is the slogan of Aquaria KLCC, and what does it promise?

The slogan of Aquaria KLCC is “Discover-Learn-Experience.” It promises a journey of exploration, education, and wonder as it transports visitors into the depths of the underwater world and unveils the marvels of terrestrial creatures.

What is the best time to visit Aquaria KLCC for a less crowded experience?

For a less crowded experience, it’s best to visit Aquaria KLCC on weekdays. During weekdays, the crowds are generally more manageable, allowing visitors to leisurely explore the exhibits and enjoy the interactive experiences without feeling rushed. However, on weekends, there might be larger crowds due to both domestic and international tourists visiting the attraction. If you plan to visit on weekends, it’s advisable to arrive early to make the most of your visit and have ample time (at least 2 hours) to explore the exhibits without the hustle and bustle of peak hours.

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