Eco Grandeur Puncak Alam: A Natural Haven Crafted in Elegance

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    Lot 6232,
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    42300 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
kim jijikim jiji
13:51 22 Mar 24
Bad service !!! I recommend friend to buy here they promise free 1 year maintenance fee!! But they break the promise!!! I still need to pay and they charge me penathy ! I want complaint Especially Sale manager Sand , Dragan , irresponsible keep drag and wasting our time!!!! Not recommend buy here!! 👎🏿pls do somethings
Zenon YongZenon Yong
13:50 22 Mar 24
Bad and disappointed experience. Promised that will give wavier of 1year free maintenance fees after recommended to purchase there. But end up said that previous sales person in charge resigned then push all the responsibility. Disappointed to sales manager Sand and people in charge Dragon attitude of solution this issue. Strongly NOT recommended to bought here
Umairah SahbudinUmairah Sahbudin
02:38 30 Jan 24
Don’t buy eco house here..or else you’ll get hypertension..with lousy contractor, major defect and leaking everywhere, you have to submit defect multiple times, long time for defect to settle, rude officer.Every time you call for update new officer will answer your call and give excuse they are not working the previous week.So much hassle and not worth it.
Liyana MazlanLiyana Mazlan
10:24 13 Jan 24
Truly recommended.Worth every penny. Sila lah beli. harga promosi mmg sgt murah. All their staff are very knowledgeable & helpful. Ken is very friendly & professional.Good service, happy customer!
Ying Ying BehYing Ying Beh
15:06 29 Oct 23
Landscape nice, but bewarned of their workmanship. Mosaic suddenly popping out of the walls, doors peeling (and we are not allowed to change em), roof starting to leak too.
Datuk TangaDatuk Tanga
14:21 26 Jul 23
Good - large spacious quiet living retirement goodBad - no water pressure, septic tank issues, water quality issues, lots not done as efforts went into grandiosity
Anne MnAnne Mn
02:22 25 May 23
We visited the gallery & show unit with an intention to buy a home to settle down. The area is well developed, however the salesperson was not as helpful. She didn’t even assist us to the show unit, means we need to check out the unit by ourselves. The service & explanation also were just so so, like not treating us as a potential buyer. But we’re lucky to stumble upon a new & better development by Gamuda. The service by Gamuda is way better & top notch.
Mior HasnanMior Hasnan
15:21 21 May 23
This area is kinda remote but nice houses and great community, in general we had a wonderful evening here. Good sales gallery and smooth process to view the show houses.
Alex LiewAlex Liew
02:19 18 May 23
Potential buyers' parking lot is located quite far from the sales gallery. There are no directional signboard from carpark to sales gallery so we were left standing in the 38°C open-air carpark wondering which direction to walk. Subsequently we found a security guard who was standing under a shed, and he radioed in a buggy for us. The sales staff whom we made an appointment with was not available, although we were right on schedule as appointed, the Sands of time apparently not in our favour. The saving grace came in the form of a substitute. Nathalie was patient; knowledgeable; and refreshingly helpful, guiding us during the tour of show houses. Where enquiries were out of the ordinary, particularly specific to M&E, Nathalie took quick action to source the info for us. Compliments to Nathalie, you're an asset to your employer; a capable partner to your colleague; and a pillar of your team - and THAT is the foundation of Grandeur.
John F VerryJohn F Verry
23:37 17 May 23
Wonderful concept and excellent facilitiesHomes well constructed and designedStaff very helpful
Zen DrJenn ChongZen DrJenn Chong
10:23 09 Dec 22
Good living lifestyle and environment if you prefer spacious and healthy living. Low noise and beautiful new city near Shah Alam.
Amu MaAmu Ma
18:57 02 Dec 22
Nice event space. He had a formal tea hosting around 140-150 people. Stage and sound system available. Staffs very helpful

Eco Grandeur Puncak Alam, developed by Eco World Development Group Berhad, resides in a rapidly growing district in the emerging region to the north-west of the Klang Valley. Its strategic location ensures easy connectivity through major highways such as the KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR), Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE), and Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH).

Spanning across a sprawling 1,400-acre expanse, Eco Grandeur is an integrated township masterpiece, providing an idyllic backdrop for nurturing families and embracing a life of fulfilment. Eco Grandeur comprises houses in gated and guarded precincts, an integrated commercial hub close to nature’s embrace. Greenery covers over 20% of Eco Grandeur, giving life to conservation initiatives and various garden concepts. The commercial precinct, Eco Grandeur City, is expected to serve residents of Eco Grandeur and the entire Puncak Alam vicinity.

Additionally, Eco Grandeur Puncak Alam is conveniently situated within approximately 10 kilometers, or around a 16-minute drive, from Bandar Seri Coalfields. This proximity enhances the accessibility and convenience of the development for residents and businesses in the area, making it an even more attractive choice for those seeking a well-connected and accessible location in the Klang Valley.

A Grand Arrival to Architectural Splendour

The Bridge of Dreams that spans the Dragonfly Lake gracefully inaugurated your journey into Eco Grandeur. This architectural marvel links the realms on either side and offers an exquisite introduction to the Modern Victorian architectural style that graces the township. As you traverse this bridge, the panorama of the meticulously landscaped gardens unfolds, setting the stage for the elegance that awaits within.

An Artistic Expression of Grandeur

At the core of Eco Grandeur lies a distinctive circular roundabout, a hallmark of all EcoWorld developments. Yet, here, innovation takes on an oval form, a rarity that serves as an enchanting welcome to residents and visitors alike. This unconventional roundabout is transformed into a formal garden, meticulously designed to amplify the grandeur of homecoming moments. Every glance reminds us that in Eco Grandeur, aesthetics are paramount.

Where Nature and Security Embrace

Eco Grandeur seamlessly weaves security into its verdant fabric. The precincts are encircled by vigilant gates and guards, with entry and exit points meticulously controlled. Ingeniously harmonising protection with nature, the landscape becomes a shroud for security elements. Soft foliage veils, sturdy fencing and the guard house seamlessly merge into the entrance archways’ elegance.

A Holistic Community Oasis

Just 2 km away from Econsave Puncak Alam, Grandeur Labs, situated within a sprawling 200-acre commercial area, redefines community living through its visionary approach to sustainability and architectural brilliance. The project seamlessly integrates nature into its design, maximizing green spaces and introducing unique retail experiences while catering to families with dedicated children-friendly areas. Temporary event booths promote community togetherness. Sustainable architecture is at the heart of Grandeur Lab, with a steel core that minimizes environmental impact, extensive natural lighting to enhance energy efficiency, and innovative space utilization. This development serves as a beacon of hope for an environmentally conscious future, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of humanity, architecture, and the environment.

A Symphony of Gardens: Where Art Meets Nature

In Eco Grandeur Puncak Alam, greenery reigns supreme, covering over a fifth of its expanse. This verdant canvas not only invites interactive landscaping but also fosters conservation initiatives. The development hosts a cornucopia of garden concepts, each catering to diverse moods and aspirations. Whether it’s the whimsy of a charming gazebo or the serenity of a lush park, Eco Grandeur ensures that nature’s embrace is never far away.

Eco Grandeur Puncak Alam – Introducing Wellington Garden: Garden Home and Terrace Home

Wellington Garden is a collection of double-storey terrace homes located within the Eco Grandeur township in Bandar Puncak Alam. This secure and gated community comprises 605 double-storey terrace homes ranging from 1,469 sq. ft. to 1,700 sq. ft.

Wellington Garden residents can access various well-designed amenities, including a fitness centre, communal hall, children’s playground, and barbecue spots. The larger Eco Grandeur township features an array of conveniences, highlighted by the Grandeur Labs lifestyle commercial hub. This hub includes various retail shops, dining options, and service establishments.

Wellington Garden offers two primary home types: Garden Homes with a size of 24′ x 55′ and Terrace Homes with 18′ x 65′. This range of home types and sizes within Wellington Garden provides prospective residents various options to suit their preferences and needs. Here’s a summary of the different types and their respective built-up areas:

Garden Home (Size: 24′ x 55′)

TypeCorner / End – Built-up Area (sq. ft.)Intermediate – Built-up Area (sq. ft.)

Terrace Home (Size: 18′ x 65′)

TypeDescriptionBuilt-up Area (sq. ft.)
T4End Lot1,694
T5Corner / End Lot1,674
T5Corner / End Lot1,674

Eco Grandeur Puncak Alam – Diverse Living Options in Norton Garden: Courtyard Home and Garden Home

Set in the Eco Grandeur township in Bandar Puncak Alam, Norton Garden presents an exquisite collection of semi-detached residences seamlessly blending Victorian aesthetics with contemporary design that offers two home types catering to diverse preferences: the Courtyard Home and the Garden Home. Each home type carries its unique charm, promising a tailored living experience. The Courtyard homes, boasting a size of 43′ x 60′, feature various configurations:

Courtyard Home (Size: 43′ x 60′)

TypeBuilt-up Area (Starting from sq. ft.)

On the other hand, the Garden Home, sized at 32′ x 65′, offer a range of options. A distinctive highlight of these Garden Home is the presence of 20-foot rear gardens, a thoughtful touch that seamlessly integrates the indoors with the outdoors, promoting a harmonious living experience.

Garden Home (Size: 32′ x 65′)

TypeBuilt-up Area (Starting from sq. ft.)

These variations in size and built-up area cater to different preferences and lifestyles, ensuring you can choose the home that suits you best in Norton Garden.

For more detailed information, we recommend visiting EcoWorld Gallery to explore the different choices and available options in person. The team there is ready to help and provide information. Visit today and step closer to making your dream a reality.

Operating Hours:

Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays): 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Weekends and Public Holidays: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

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