KWSP Wangsa Maju

  • +603-4243 5488
  • 32A, Dataran Wangsa, Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Gayathiri ThivainidranGayathiri Thivainidran
05:40 18 Jun 24
I feel so happy because my issue has been resolved and I would like yo share my experience with this specific staff whom called Mr Aiman. His service is excellent and my issue has been solved within 10 minutes. Keep up the good work.
Roy S JRoy S J
14:53 24 May 24
》Ribuan terima kasih kepada Pn. K×××nisa & Pn. Noor Rxxx.》Both assisted me from creating Account 3, it's finance transfer and finance withdrawal within a timely manner.》Syukur alhamdulillah for their assistance else the process wouldn't have been smooth as expected.》Ribuan terima and kudos to KWSP | EPF branch @ Wangsa Maju for allowing these staff to reach out and assist orang awam.》Keep up the great job 👍🏻》May Allah bless and keep you ALL safe always.
Nur anneshahNur anneshah
11:54 14 May 24
My mother came to change the phone number that was registered before, but the male staff on duty spoke rudely to my mother by saying (puan nampak dekat screen ni no tu masih aktif).while the number is no longer in use and wants to be updated, then the staff rudely said,(mak saya pon tua jugak boleh je buat sendiri untuk daftar tu )Very rude....
06:05 14 May 24
My issue- do complain against my majikan( Teras Murni Education Group@ Pristine Kindergarten) for not paying my kwsp and amount yang dibayar for a few months kurang FOR 2 YEARS.Previously I went to kwsp kat raja laut and had to prepare 2 sets of each document (ic, payslip, surat perlantikan, surat resign). But here, just bring 1 set je for each document. Very fast dah settle.The staff was also very polite and very attentive. 5/5 for the staff punya professionalism.
14:46 18 Apr 24
Went there twice this year, staff was very friendly and helpful 🙏🏻 btw I only access with computer and machine without queueing for counter. Very fast and convenient. But the office seems like full house everyday…
Sophia & MommySophia & Mommy
04:09 27 Mar 24
Went yesterday to register for majikan account. Was told to come back the day after to collect the certificate around 11am. Came at 12noon the next day but the staff asked if i receive sms to collect. I told him the staff from yesterday never said anything about wait for sms thats why i come here. He keeps on mumbling about waiting for the sms. I told him why would i come if i know i have to wait for the sms. After making noise, the staff ask the kakak cleaner to go in and check. He is so damn lazy, not even want to move to check with the other staffs. The kakak cleaner is so nice, she helps me to follow up with the office staffs.
al nizan hazlanal nizan hazlan
05:36 23 Jan 24
Very helpfulA lots counter openGood place to arrange kwsp account related to any matters house purchase, retirement,etcKeep the good work
Radin Muhammad KamilRadin Muhammad Kamil
12:53 02 Jan 24
I rarely post a review, not even when service rendered was bad to the max. But this branch, deserves a full 5 star rating, due to its friendliness, fast response time and professionalism in customer service.I went there to apply for epf 2 withdrawal, thinking that the first visit was just for consultation and getting the right forms. But it ended up with one of the staff helping me throughout the process until completion. Shout out to Mr Azmir!To the branch head, kudos to you for managing such a great team.
08:40 18 Dec 23
Went today for withdrawal. Staff were not polite and helpful. Just static stay at their desk and expecting all the customers to know their system.
02:14 12 Oct 23
10/10 experience. Very fast & efficient. There's so many staff to help you out, they are very helpful and patient. I got there at 9.30am to register 2 companies for epf (through counter cos online cannot register) & my own epf account online (that one needs to go through kiosk). My IC card couldn't scan so the nice lady help me wipe and finally can scan. 30mins everything done. Bravo 🙏🏻
Nur Bintul Huda SuraniNur Bintul Huda Surani
08:26 05 Oct 23
Thankyou Puan Ayu for the great services. very soft person and helpful
08:13 21 Sep 23
Very good and very fast service! The staff are very friendly and super helpful! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Cass PuaCass Pua
00:54 19 Sep 23
Superb customer service by the staff. They’re limited kiosk machine and laptop but the staff is there to help. Not much queue needed as things are sorted out very fast if u are there just to update TAC or update beneficiary details or check information.
Ling cyLing cy
07:32 08 Sep 23
Speed fast, high efficiency. Informative and friendly staff.
A bit hard to find car parking. Better to go by motorcycle.
05:04 11 Aug 23
when my number was displayed on the screen, i was ready to received the common unfriendly treatment by the staff, but boy i was wrong! the lady (i was in counter 2), she welcomed me and put a big smile on her face. she was calm, spoke with kindness and confidence. im happy, cuz most gov staff i dealt with they always gave this unpleasant attitude. thanks for making a difference.
06:05 20 Jun 23
thankyou puan syarifah for the great services. very soft person and helpful ❤️
Jessica WongJessica Wong
14:55 12 Jun 23
Buka i akaun here… met friendly staffs.. although quite a lot of people to entertain, but they acting fast and provide efficient service. I have a great experience here.👍
09:20 02 Jun 23
Fast , good , clear and responsive service
01:48 17 May 23
this branch deserved even no star from me. the staff very rude when answered the phone call or even explain on the procedures regarding the withdrawal of money. i'm dealing via phone conversation with one of your staff name mr sharif (dont know what is his position) and his explanation regarding the withdrawal of my money for hajj is very bad....his voice tone also very bad...lack of communication skill and also customer service. before this my phone call pick-up by lady staff and this lady informed there is no more withdrawal of hajj.....too bad.....if you did not have knowledge better stay at home la.....nowadays all information at the fingertips and can access thru the website....come on la....this is 2023 centuries...we are moving forward not moving backwards....so frustrated with this branch and shout to the management and top person of this EPF Branch Wangsa Maju to further improve your staff skill and do take immediate action on this kind of attitudes.
Rithaudin HashimRithaudin Hashim
04:30 09 Mar 23
Number was not given upfront instead they record names and once queue less then only provide no. Shld hv given the number immediately so tht the headquaters will know the crowd/queue for service here.

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) or Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP Wangsa Maju) has made remarkable strides to enhance accessibility for its existing and potential members and employers across Malaysia. Recognising the importance of convenient access to their services, EPF has strategically positioned its offices, Self-Service Terminals (SSTs), and Kiosks in central locations nationwide. 

Contact Number: +603-4243 5488

Operation hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Website: https://www.kwsp.gov.my

Here are some of the key services provided by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) or Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP Wangsa Maju):

EPF / KWSP Savings Account Management

The EPF is a custodian of employees’ contributions and manages their savings in individual EPF accounts. Employees and their employers contribute a percentage of their salary to the EPF every month. These contributions accumulate over time to form a retirement fund for the employee. For comprehensive information, Taman Melawati residents are encouraged to reach out to the KWSP Wangsa Maju office.

EPF / KWSP i-Akaun Online Portal

The EPF provides a user-friendly online portal called i-Akaun, where members can access and manage their EPF accounts. Through the i-Akaun portal, members can check their account balances, view transaction histories, update personal information, and nominate beneficiaries. Taman Melawati residents can access a wealth of information by visiting the KWSP Wangsa Maju branch.

Withdrawal Schemes

The EPF offers various withdrawal schemes to cater to the different needs of its members. Some of the standard withdrawal options include:

Age 55 and 60 Withdrawal

Members can withdraw their EPF savings in full when they reach the age of 55 and 60.

Flexible Age 50 Withdrawal 

Members who have reached the age of 50 can withdraw a portion of their savings while leaving the remaining balance to continue growing.

Partial Withdrawals

Members can make partial withdrawals for specific purposes, such as education, medical expenses, or purchasing a house. The KWSP Wangsa Maju branch is a valuable resource for Taman Melawati residents seeking additional information.

Updates on July 10, 2023, For any inquiries or additional information, can connect with the KWSP Wangsa Maju branch

The EPF Media Desk of the Corporate Affairs Department issued a press release clarifying that there will be no changes to existing members’ current lump sum withdrawals at ages 55 and 60. The current monthly withdrawal option is voluntary and applies only to opt-in members. The proposed mandatory monthly withdrawal option will only apply to new EPF members born in or after 2010 and registered with the EPF after the implementation date. 

The first payout under this mandatory option will be made when these new members retire, which is expected to be in the distant future. The EPF emphasises that any decision on the monthly compulsory withdrawal will be carefully considered and aligned with the best interests of its members. The mandatory monthly withdrawal will align Malaysia with global practices, as the country is currently among the few allowing lump sum withdrawals instead of regular payouts. The KWSP Wangsa Maju office is at your service for Taman Melawati residents looking to gather more information.

The press release can be found on KWSP’s official website below link: 


EPF Investment Scheme

To ensure that members’ savings grow over time, the EPF offers an investment scheme where a portion of the contributions is invested in various financial instruments, including government securities, bonds, and equities. The EPF aims to generate reasonable returns on investments while maintaining a prudent level of risk.

Employer’s EPF Contribution Management

Employers play a crucial role in contributing to their employees’ EPF savings. The EPF ensures that employers comply with the contribution requirements and facilitates the transfer of contributions from employers to employees’ EPF accounts.

EPF Retirement Advisory and EPF Sustainable Investment Services

The EPF provides retirement advisory and EPF Sustainable Investment services to help members plan for a financially secure retirement. These services include information on EPF schemes and financial counselling to guide members in making informed decisions about their savings. Email to sustainability@epf.gov.my 

Online Services through i-Akaun Portal – KWSP Member, Employer and Business Partners

EPF provides an advanced and user-friendly i-Akaun portal catering to the needs of KWSP members, employers, and business partners. This digital platform offers many convenient services, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in managing EPF-related matters. Here’s a breakdown of the online services provided:

KWSP i-Akaun (Member) 

Account Management

KWSP members can access their EPF accounts through the i-Akaun (Member) portal, https://secure.kwsp.gov.my/member/member/login. They can view their account balances, contributions, and transaction histories online.

Nomination of Beneficiaries

Members can update or nominate beneficiaries for their EPF savings, ensuring their loved ones are financially protected in unforeseen circumstances.

Withdrawal Applications

Eligible members can initiate withdrawal applications for specific purposes, such as education, housing, or medical expenses, directly through the i-Akaun portal.

EPF Statements and Notifications

The i-Akaun portal provides easy access to EPF statements and notifications, enabling members to stay informed about their account activities.

i-Akaun (Employer)

EPF Contributions Management: 

Employers can use the i-Akaun (Employer) portal, https://secure.kwsp.gov.my/employer/employer/login?0, to efficiently manage their employees’ EPF contributions. They can access and update employee details, contribution amounts, and submission of monthly contribution schedules.

Contribution Statements 

Employers can access detailed contribution statements for each employee, ensuring transparency and compliance with EPF regulations.

Employer e-Caruman

The i-Akaun (Employer) portal allows employers to conveniently make EPF contributions online through the secure Employer e-Caruman facility.

i-Akaun (Business Partner)

EPF Submission and Verification 

Business partners can submit EPF-related documentation and verification requests directly through the i-Akaun (Business Partner) portal, https://secure.kwsp.gov.my/thirdparty/login. This service streamlines processes and reduces manual paperwork.

Business Partner e-Caruman

The i-Akaun (Business Partner) portal offers a seamless e-Caruman facility for business partners, allowing them to make contributions on behalf of their clients electronically.

Centralised Locations for Convenience

EPF’s commitment to accessibility is reflected in the well-planned locations of its offices and service points. These facilities are in central areas, making it more convenient for members and employers to access EPF services without unnecessary travel or long commutes. 


EPF offices are key touchpoints for members and employers to interact directly with EPF personnel. Here, members can manage their EPF accounts, inquire about their savings, seek advice on investment options, and receive retirement planning assistance. Employers can also conduct EPF-related business through offices, such as managing contributions and verifying employees’ EPF details.

Self-Service Terminals (SSTs) and Kiosks

To provide greater accessibility, EPF has introduced Self-Service Terminals (SSTs) and Kiosks at various locations. These self-help stations enable members and employers to conduct EPF transactions independently. SSTs and Kiosks offer multiple services, including account inquiries, updating personal information, and performing various EPF transactions quickly and efficiently.

KWSP Kiosks offer a remarkable level of convenience for EPF members by being readily available in local banks, such as the RHB Bank in Suria KLCC. The presence of these kiosks within banking institutions makes it incredibly accessible for individuals to manage their EPF accounts without the hassle of visiting dedicated EPF offices. Whether it’s checking your account balance, printing statements, or updating personal information, these self-service kiosks empower members to take control of their retirement savings conveniently and efficiently.

Furthermore, the accessibility of KWSP Kiosks in high-traffic locations like Suria KLCC ensures that EPF members have the flexibility to access these services at their convenience. With one of the kiosks located near Suria KLCC, a popular shopping and business hub in Kuala Lumpur, members can easily incorporate EPF-related tasks into their daily routines, making financial planning and account management more accessible than ever before. This level of convenience aligns with modern lifestyles, allowing individuals to stay on top of their retirement savings effortlessly.

To search for the nearest EPF office, SST and kiosk, visit KWSP’s official website, 

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