Brands Outlet Melawati Mall – Where Every Purchase Feels Like a Fashion Victory

Brands Outlet Melawati Mall – ...

Brands Outlet Melawati Mall is located at Lot L1-32 and L1-33 beckons with a treasure trove of designer labels at prices that̵...

F.O.S Melawati Mall – Because Your Style Deserves to Shine, Even on a Budget!

F.O.S Melawati Mall – Because ...

F.O.S Melawati Mall is located on Level 1, Lot L1-01, L1-02 and L1-03 opening its doors to a fashion fiesta. Step into a vibrant s...

Beyond a Coffee, It’s an Experience: San Francisco Coffee at Melawati Mall

Beyond a Coffee, It’s an Experience: San Francisco...

Carl’s Jr Melawati Mall – Where Size Meets Satisfaction

Carl’s Jr Melawati Mall – Where Size Meets S...

Samsung Melawati Mall – Your Pathway to a Tech-Savvy Lifestyle!

Samsung Melawati Mall – Your Pathway to a Tech-Sav...

Melawati Mall Grocery – Where Everyday Essentials Meet Exceptional Quality

Melawati Mall Grocery – Where Everyday Essentials ...

Molten Chocolate Café, Melawati Mall – Chocolate Delights Beyond Imagination

Molten Chocolate Café, Melawati Mall – Choco...

Tealive Melawati Mall, Bringing the Latest Tea Trends to Your Cup

Tealive Melawati Mall, Bringing the Latest Tea Tre...

ATM Melawati Mall – Your Instant Connection to Easy, Effortless Banking!

ATM Melawati Mall – Your Instant Connection to Eas...

Scoop Happiness in Baskin Robbins Melawati Mall

Scoop Happiness in Baskin Robbins Melawati Mall

Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Retail Wonderland of Melawati Mall Directory Map

Welcome to Melawati Mall, where city shopping meets unparalleled convenience and excitement! Seamlessly navigate through the mall with the help of the Melawati Mall Directory, your ultimate guide to locating about 200 retail outlets and discovering the array of services and amenities this dynamic mall offers. Spanning over 8 levels, this expansive retail haven houses more than 200 retail shops thoughtfully curated to provide an enticing trade mix for shoppers of all tastes and preferences. With over 620,000 square feet of retail space, Melawati Mall offers an extensive array of options, ensuring something for all shoppers.

Need a Taman Melawati fix? Melawati Mall awaits! What fuels your community spirit here?

Melawati Mall, sitting at the center of Klang Valley, is part of Taman Melawati. This area is well-established for residential living, surrounded by places like Taman Melati, Wangsa Maju, Bukit Antarabangsa, Taman Permata, and Kemensah Heights, is a joint development project by CapitaLand and Sime Darby Property. The mall aims to meet the modern shopping, dining, and entertainment needs of the local community. It is strategically placed in an underserved area marked for urban development, potentially benefiting around 740,000 residents and professionals in the Melawati township and surrounding regions. The mall aspires to offer a city shopping experience with a comprehensive range of fashionable offerings, enhancing the overall appeal of the Melawati township.

Dive into Melawati Mall shops and unleash your inner style icon!

Skip chains, find charm! Melawati Mall shops’ hidden gems – unique shops, curated experiences, and local bites – await beyond the usual suspects. Get ready to explore!

Designed with both retailers and shoppers in mind, the layout of Melawati Mall is crafted to provide excellent exposure for businesses and enhance convenience for visitors. The Melawati Mall directory is a comprehensive guide that helps visitors navigate the shopping center effortlessly. Every store and outlet has been strategically positioned to maximise visibility and accessibility, creating a seamless shopping experience without unmet desires. Visitors can rely on the Melawati Mall directory to find their favorite stores and discover new ones.

Situated in the heart of Taman Melawati, this bustling commercial and lifestyle hub is home to Taman Melawati residents. As a result, Melawati Mall thrives as a vibrant centre, attracting a diverse crowd of eager shoppers, making it the perfect place for retailers to flourish and thrive.

Worried about parking? Fret not! Melawati Mall boasts 1,900 indoor parking bays, ensuring that finding a parking spot is never a hassle. With over 200 retail outlets, you’ll find everything from the latest fashion trends to cutting-edge gadgets. Whether you’re seeking a casual shopping spree, looking for essential items, or planning to splurge on a luxurious treat, Melawati Mall has you covered. Shoppers can also find Melawati Mall directory about the mall’s operating hours, parking facilities, and contact details.

So, dear residents of Taman Melawati and beyond, get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate city shopping experience. Melawati Mall invites you to savour a retail journey where convenience, variety, and excitement await your arrival. With the Melawati Mall directory in hand, visitors can easily explore and enjoy all that this vibrant shopping destination has to offer. Discover the joys of shopping and entertainment at Melawati Mall – your go-to destination for unparalleled retail bliss!

Explore the exquisite selection of outlets thoughtfully categorised for your convenience. From fashion to books and gifts, there’s something for everyone. Melawati Mall boasts a diverse selection of fashion boutiques, including Uniqlo, Padini Concept Store, British India, and Brands Outlet, offering shoppers a wide range of clothing options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for fashion, electronics, or dining options, the Melawati Mall directory has you covered. Discover your style and express yourself through the latest trends in fashion, available at the following outlets:

Need a fashion refresh? Melawati Mall Fashion awaits! How do you express your unique flair?

Step into a world of buzzing stores catering to every taste and budget. Max Fashion on Ground Floor, Lot GF-32, GF-33, GF-34 and GF-35, brings the latest global trends at irresistible prices, while Padini Concept Store offers curated collections for the modern professional. Ms Read and MC Vogue Clothing present timeless, elegant pieces for those seeking classic styles with a touch of local flavour.

For the budget-savvy shopper, brands like Brands Outlet and F.O.S. offer amazing deals on past-season fashion finds, while Daiso surprises with quirky accessories, household items and fun fashion essentials at pocket-friendly prices.

Brands Outlet L1-32/33

Brands Outlet Melawati Mall – Where Every Purchase Feels Like a Fashion Victory

Brands Outlet Melawati Mall is located at Lot L1-32 and L1-33 beckons with a treasure trove of designer labels at prices that’ll make your jaw drop and your wardrobe sing.

F.O.S L1-01/02/03

F.O.S Melawati Mall – Because Your Style Deserves to Shine, Even on a Budget!

F.O.S Melawati Mall is located on Level 1, Lot L1-01, L1-02 and L1-03 opening its doors to a fashion fiesta. Step into a vibrant space buzzing with creative energy and overflowing with stylish apparel for every personality and pocketbook.

Siti Khadijah L2-08

Show us your Siti Khadijah Melawati Mall finds! Capture those stylish telekungs & serene smiles!

Ladies, elevate your prayer wear with style and comfort at Siti Khadijah Melawati Mall at Lot L2-08, Level 2! Friendly staff are always on hand to offer personalized advice and guidance. 

MC Vogue Melawati Mall L2-22/23

Express your values in style at MC Vogue Melawati Mall!

With friendly staff, spacious changing rooms, and a welcoming atmosphere, shopping at MC Vogue Melawati Mall (Lot L2-22 and Lot L2-23, Level 2) is a pleasure. 

Mothercare Melawati Mall L2-38

Feeling the parenting love in Melawati Mall? Mothercare’s calling! What fuels your little one’s smile?

Head to Mothercare Melawati Mall on Level 2, Lot L2-38 and discover a world of baby bliss. From adorable outfits to essential gear and expert advice.

Tomaz Melawati Mall GF-15/16

Ready to walk in style? Unleash your inner shoe addict at Tomaz Melawati Mall! What fuels your step?

take a walk at Tomaz Melawati Mall at Lot GF-15 and GF-16 on the Ground Floor. This is your one-stop shop for stepping up your footwear game. 

Omar Ali L2-28

Bespoke or ready-to-wear? Let Omar Ali Melawati Mall inspire your next fashion story!

Whether you’re seeking a timeless classic or a modern twist on tradition, Omar Ali Melawati Mall promises a journey through elegance. Visit them at Lot L2-28, Level 2, and let your inner royalty shine.

Padini Concept Store GF-17/18/19

Padini Concept Store awaits, Melawati Mall! Spill the beans – what fashion finds fuel your wardrobe vibes?

Located on the Ground Floor of Melawati Mall, Lot GF-17, GF-18 and GF-19, Padini Concept Store, Melawati Mall is easily accessible. With ample parking and a friendly atmosphere, shopping here is a breeze.

Uniqlo Melawati Mall GF-36

Need LifeWear essentials? Head to Uniqlo Melawati Mall!

Visit Uniqlo Melawati Mall on the Ground Floor, Lot GF-36, and discover the joy of LifeWear. With its commitment to quality, comfort, and timeless style, Uniqlo is your one-stop shop for everyday essentials that make life a little simpler.


Store NameLocation
Arca CreationL2-05
Aisy VeilL2-02
Aura Raja SehariL2-11
B&C LingerieL2-33
Betty HardyL2-K4
Brands OutletL1-32/33
British IndiaGF-28/29
Common SenseL1-08
D’Yana BoutiqueL2-26
Fana CoutureL2-30
Gene MartinoL2-09
Good2u Concept StoreL1-24/25/26
I.O.One JeansL1-06
Kidz Branded OutletL2-31
Love TrishaL2-06
Max FashionGF-32/33/34/35
Mc VogueL2-22/23
Ms ReadGF-09
Omar AliL2-28
Padini Concept StoreGF-17/18/19
Potton KidsL2-34
Siti KhadijahL2-08
Summer LoveL1-12
Telekung RawdahL2-35
Three B’sGF-11
Tucz BoutiqueL2-25
Young Hearts & Young CurvesL2-01


Alfio RaldoL1-13
Travel For AllL1-29
Xes SignatureL2-29


Store NameLocation
Calisto Co. Vision CareGF-22
Dr SpecLG-12
Jac’s OctometryL3-09
Focus PointLG-19
MOG EyewearLG-15
Optometris AnggunGF-04


Store NameLocation
Style WatchGF-21

Cravings calling? ️ Check the Melawati Mall Food Directory – what’s fueling your next foodie adventure?

Hungry in Melawati Mall? Don’t just wander – unlock your food haven with the Melawati Mall Food Directory! Craving comfort? Let the directory be your map to deliciousness! Explore cuisines, check menus, and find hidden gems.

Molten Chocolate Café Melawati Mall GF-20

Molten Chocolate Café, Melawati Mall – Chocolate Delights Beyond Imagination

Craving a sugar rush with a touch of European elegance? Step into the decadent world of Molten Chocolate Café Melawati Mall at Lot GF-20 on the Ground Floor, where molten chocolate reigns supreme, transforming every bite into a blissful escape.

Tealive LG-09B

Tealive Melawati Mall, Bringing the Latest Tea Trends to Your Cup

Tealive Melawati Mall, located on the Lower Ground, Lot LG-09B is a haven that serves up happiness in every cup, blending innovative flavours to quench your thirst and uplift your mood.

Ah Cheng Laksa Melawati Mall L3-21

Nourish Your Soul with Ah Cheng Laksa – Melawati Mall’s Hidden Gem for Irresistible Malaysian Flavors

Ah Cheng Laksa Melawati Mall, located at Lot L3-21, Level 3 beckons you with bowls brimming with authentic Penang asam laksa.

Subway Melawati Mall L3-22

Skip boring meals and embrace the freedom of flavour at Subway Melawati Mall on Level 3, Lot L3-22. 

Forget pre-made options; here at Subway Melawati Mall, you’re the chef, tailoring your meal to your exact desires, bite by glorious bite.

Boat Noodle Melawati Mall LG-25

Feeling hungry in Melawati Mall? Boat Noodle’s here! What fuels your noodle journey?

Boat Noodle Melawati Mall is located at Lot LG-25 on the Lower Ground Floor and is the perfect spot for a quick lunch, a casual dinner with friends, or a solo exploration of Thai culinary delights.

Empire Food Court Melawati Mall L3-33

Feeling famished in Melawati Mall? Empire Food Court’s calling! What fuels your next bite?

Escape the ordinary and embark on a delicious journey at the Empire Food Court Melawati Mall on Level 3, Lot L3-33. 

The Chicken Rice Shop Melawati Mall L3-10/11

Share your must-have combos at The Chicken Rice Shop Melawati Mall!

The Chicken Rice Shop Melawati Mall is located at Lot L3-10 and L3-11 on Level 3 and offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a family feast or a casual lunch with friends.

Sopoong Melawati Mall L3-20

Ready to spice up your tastebuds? Sopoong Melawati Mall beckons! Kimchi Jjigae or Ramen dreams?

Sopoong Melawati Mall is more than just delicious food; it’s a cultural experience. Gather your friends and family, head to Lot L3-20 on Level 3, and get your Seoul fix – Sopoong style!

Johnny’s Steamboat L3-26

Need a simmering fix? Johnny’s Steamboat Melawati Mall awaits! What ingredients make your pot sing?

Johnny’s Steamboat Melawati Mall is located on Level 3, Lot L3-26, the warm and inviting ambience creates a perfect setting for shared laughter and culinary bonding. Whether it’s a family feast or a catch-up with friends, Johnny’s Steamboat serves up memories along with the steaming pots.

Golden Valley L3-18/19

Ready to tantalize your tastebuds? Golden Valley, Melawati Mall awaits! What authentic flavors fuel your foodie bliss?

Look no further than Golden Valley Melawati Mall if you’re seeking to Indulge in a feast for your senses and discover the true meaning of refined Chinese dining. Head to Level 3, Lot L3-18 and L3-19 today!

F&B & DINING (26)

Ah Cheng LaksaL3-21
Ayam Penyet Best StationL3-14
Black CanyonL3-24A/25
Boat NoodleLG-25
Burger KingL3-08
Carl’s JrLG-23B/24
Golden ValleyL3-18/19
Johnny’s SteamboatL3-26
Mama Mee YahL3-13
Mee Hiris China MuslimL3-12
Memang MeowLG-13/35
Mr Dakgalbi & Chicken PlusL3-27/28
My Virtual FoodhallL3-06
The Fish BowlLG-03
Penang Road Teochew ChendulLG-27
Pizza HutL3-29
Seoul GardenL3-03/04
Sushi KingLG-26
Texas ChickenLG-22/23A
The Chicken Rice ShopL3-10/11
The Manhattan Fish MarketL3-15
Tony Roma’sL3-16A


Foodcourt NameLocation
Food EmpireL3-33

CAFÉ (4)

Café NameLocation
Jamaica BlueL1-07
Molten Chocolate CaféGF-20
San Francisco CoffeeGF-27
The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafGF-08
Carl's Jr Melawati Mall LG-23B/24

Carl’s Jr Melawati Mall – Where Size Meets Satisfaction

Melawati foodies, raise your appetites!  Carl’s Jr Melawati Mall is located on the Lower Ground, Lot LG-23B and LG-24 to unleash your inner burger

Baskin Robbins L1-K3

Scoop Happiness in Baskin Robbins Melawati Mall

Baskin-Robbins Melawati Mall is located at Lot L1-K3, Level 1, where whimsical sprinkles mingle with creamy swirls, and every bite bursts with unexpected delight.

San Francisco Coffee GF-27

Beyond a Coffee, It’s an Experience: San Francisco Coffee at Melawati Mall

The cosy café, San Francisco Coffee at Melawati Mall, GF-27, welcomes you with the fragrant aroma of freshly roasted beans and the warm buzz of happy conversations.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf GF-08

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Melawati Mall – Because Every Sip Deserves to Be Exceptional!

Step into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Melawati Mall, located on the Ground Floor, Lot GF-08, where the aroma of freshly roasted beans hangs in the air like a warm invitation. 

Texas Chicken LG-22/23A

Craving Perfection? Texas Chicken Melawati Mall Delivers Mouthwatering Chicken Every Time.

Texas Chicken Melawati Mall on the Lower Ground, Lot LG-22 and LG-23A is a haven for those who crave the irresistible comfort of perfectly seasoned, golden-fried goodness.

Pizza Hut L3-29

Show us your Pizza Hut Melawati Mall feasts!

Dive into a world of melty cheese, crispy crusts, and endless flavour combinations at Pizza Hut Melawati Mall (Level 3, Lot L3-29)! 

Marrybrown Melawati Mall L3-05

Need Malaysian comfort food in Melawati Mall? Marrybrown’s got it!

Marrybrown Melawati Mall is located on Level 3, Lot L3-05 for a satisfying feast bursting with flavour and fun. 

Chicken Plus Melawati Mall L3-28

Tastebud adventure? Chicken Plus Melawati Mall beckons! How spicy can you handle your drumsticks?

Chicken Plus Melawati Mall is located at Lot L3-27 and L3-28, Level 3 is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. 

Mr. Dakgalbi Melawati Mall L3-27

Korean heat! Stir-fried chicken bliss awaits! Mr Dakgalbi beckons Melawati Mall, let’s get spicy! 

fire up your appetite, gather your friends, and get ready to embrace the heat and the fun at Mr Dakgalbi Melawati Mall at Level 3, Lot L3-27 and L3-28.

llaollao Melawati Mall L3-K1

Frozen dreams await! Share your llaollao Melawati Mall must-haves!

So next time you’re in Melawati Mall, skip the ordinary and step into llaollao Melawati Mall within Level 3, Lot L3-K1. Let your taste buds embark on a frozen yogurt adventure, and discover why this isn’t just yogurt, it’s a delicious escape.


Store NameLocation
Baskin RobbinsL1-K3
Beard Papa’sLG-09A
Big Apple Donuts & CoffeeLG-09C
Boost Juice BarsLG-09
Cat & The FiddleL2-03
Madam CroffleLG-11
Egypt BazaarLG-02A
Empire SushiLG-32/33
Famous AmosLG-10
Haruka BakeryL3-K2
Honey LandLG-34
Hot & RollLG-09E
I Love Yoo!LG-08
MBG FruitshopLG-07


Store NameLocation
A Saloon+L2-13
Abdul Samad Al QurashiGF-26
A-Wow-Me Hair SaloonL1-18
Aster SpringL2-14
Erawan Wellness MassageL6-19
Hairkunst HijabisL2-20
Huuk BarbershopL5-03
La Déesse Hair & Beauty SaloonL6-17
Miu Miu Nail SpaL2-12
Parfums & BeauteGF-23
Zetro SalonsL5-01
ATM Melawati Mall LG-01/03/04

ATM Melawati Mall – Your Instant Connection to Easy, Effortless Banking!

Need to withdraw before hitting the stores? Head to the Lower Ground Floor and Level 5, where RHB and MEPS ATMs await. 

Huuk Barbershop Melawati Mall L5-03

Huuk Barbershop Melawati Mall – Expertise Tailored to Your Style

Huuk Barbershop Melawati Mall which is located at Lot L5-03, Level 5, a haven for those who value precision cuts, timeless style, and a touch of luxury amidst the urban buzz.

A-Saloon+ Melawati Mall L2-13

Need a confidence boost? A-Saloon+ Melawati Mall awaits! How would you rock your dream hairstyle?

With its trendy décor, friendly staff, and vibrant atmosphere, A-Saloon+ Melawati Mall on Level 2, Lot L2-13 is your sanctuary for all things hair.

Firezone Karaoke L5-24

Fun of the night? Firezone Family KTV Melawati Mall awaits!

Gather your family, grab your friends, and head to Firezone Family KTV Melawati Mall at Lot L5-24 on Level 5).

Guardian Melawati Mall LG-04

Health essentials? Guardian Melawati Mall got it!

Whether you’re looking for a quick health fix, a beauty indulgence, or simply want to browse for inspiration, head to Guardian Melawati Mall at Lot LG-04

Village Grocer LG-29

Need an edible escape? Village Grocer Melawati Mall awaits! What fuels your culinary adventures? 

Village Grocer Melawati Mall is a foodie’s haven. Head to the Lower Ground at LG-29 (Village Grocer) and LG-01, Lower (Village Grocery Bakery) and discover the joy of grocery shopping, transformed.


Store NameLocation
Fitness ConceptL4-23A
Fitness FirstL6-20/20M
Sports DirectL4-31/32


Store NameLocation
Back To JurassicL2-K1
CP AmusementsL5-18/K3
Firezone KaraokeL5-24
Golden Screen CinemasL5-13/16
Soreal Fun CentreL5-25
The ParenthoodL6-21/22
Mr Toy Melawati Mall L5-07/08/09

Need gift ideas? Mr Toy Melawati Mall tips for finding the perfect present to spark wonder!

Mr Toy Melawati Mall is located on Level 5, Lot L5-07, L5-08 and L5-09 is your portal to a world of toys, games, and endless imagination. 

Toys "R" Us L2-36

Need playtime magic? Toys “R” Us Melawati Mall awaits! What fuels imagination’s journey?

Toys “R” Us Melawati Mall is more than just a store; it’s a memory maker. So, bring your little explorers, let loose in the land of toys, and watch their faces light up with pure joy. Located at Lot L2-36, Level 2, the adventure awaits!

Mr. DIY Melawati Mall L4-17A

Need a home refresh? Mr. DIY Melawati Mall awaits! From tools to décor, let’s get creative!

With friendly staff and competitive prices, Mr. DIY Melawati Mall makes DIY adventures accessible and affordable. So, grab your shopping list, and head to Level 4, Lot L4-17A today!

Daiso LG-16

Might find something random later at Daiso Melawati Mall! What fuels your shopping spree?

Located at Lot LG-16 on the Lower Ground, Daiso Melawati Mall is your one-stop shop for anything and everything. Hence, unleash your inner explorer, fill your basket with joyful discoveries, and experience the magic of Daiso!

SSF L2-17/18/19 - Melawati Mall Directory

Need a home refresh? ️ Let SSF Melawati Mall inspire you! Which piece steals your heart?

Step into SSF Melawati Mall on Level 2, Lot L2-17, L2-18 and L2-19. From vibrant rugs and cosy throws to elegant lamps and artistic accents and embark on a journey to elevate your home today.

MPH Melawati Mall L2-37

Bookworm calling? Dive into MPH Bookstores, Melawati Mall! What fuels your love for the written word?

MPH Bookstores Melawati Mall feels like a cosy home away from home. Come relax, forget about your daily worries, and get lost in a good book. Grab a comfy chair and let your literary journey begin at Level 2, Lot L2-37 today!

Kaison Melawati Mall L4-17B

Unlock home bliss at Kaison Melawati Mall! Share your reno + decor must-haves!

Kaison Melawati Mall is located on Level 4, Lot L4-17B; it’s a community hub for DIY enthusiasts. Attend workshops led by experts, learn new skills, and share your passion for home improvement with like-minded individuals.


Store NameLocation
MR. ToyL5-07/08/09
Toys “R” UsL2-36


Store NameLocation
Vivace Dance AcademyL6-16


Store NameLocation
MPH BookstoresL2-37


Store NameLocation
Village Grocer BakeryLG-01
Village GrocerLG-29


Store NameLocation


Store NameLocation


Store NameLocation
Celcom XclusiveL4-11A
MachinesGF-02 & GF-03
Samsung Melawati Mall L4-20

Samsung Melawati Mall – Your Pathway to a Tech-Savvy Lifestyle!

The future of technology isn’t just in sci-fi movies anymore – it’s waiting for you at the Samsung Premium Store Melawati Mall which is located at Lot L4-20, Level 4.

Celcom Digi Melawati Maill L4-11A

Need a signal upgrade? Celcom Melawati Mall beckons! Let’s unlock the power of fast & reliable connection!

Visit Celcom Melawati Mall today on Level 4, Lot L4-11A to get expert advice, experience the latest gadgets, and leave empowered to connect with the world like never before.

Skechers L1-22

Need a style + comfort fix? Skechers Melawati awaits! Head-to-toe looks, let’s get moving!

Visit Skechers Melawati Mall on Level 1, Lot L1-22, and discover why their shoes are a cult favourite worldwide. With the festive season upon us, treat yourself or find the perfect gift for the shoe lover in your life. Step into comfort, step into style – step into Skechers Melawati Mall!

Machines GF-02/03

Upgrade your Apple world at Machines Melawati Mall! Must-have gadgets?

Step into Machines Melawati Mall on the Ground Floor, Lot GF-02 and GF-03, and prepare to be impressed. The sleek and modern design mirrors the Apple aesthetic, creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. The friendly staff are passionate about Apple products and offer exceptional service, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

SenQ LG-17/18

Show us your SenQ Melawati Mall tech hauls! What upgrades spark joy?

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable place to buy electronics and home appliances, SenQ Melawati Mall is the perfect choice. Visit them today at Lot LG-17 and LG-18 on Lower Ground and see for yourself what they have to offer!

Al-Ikhsan Melawati Mall L4-09

Goal crushers! Level up at Al-Ikhsan, Melawati Mall! Show us your favorite sports finds!

Situated within level 4 of Melawati Mall, Lot L4-09, Al-Ikhsan beckons fitness enthusiasts and active souls with a vibrant haven for all things sports. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply seeking to embrace a healthier lifestyle, Al-Ikhsan has everything you need to get your heart pumping and your goals crushing.

Sports Direct L4-31/32

Activewear or racquets? Find your fit at Sport Direct, Melawati Mall! Fuel your fitness, any level!

So, head to Sport Direct Melawati Mall on Level 4, Lot L4-31 & L4-32 today! With its extensive selection, unbeatable prices, and expert advice, it’s your one-stop shop to unleash your inner champion and conquer your fitness goals.


Store NameLocation
Artisan CarpetsL4-04
Caucasian CarpetL2-16
Home’s HarmonyLG-05/06
Home WorldL4-06/07/08
Marks & SpencerGF-10
Mk CurtainL4-05
UCO FurnitureL5-15/16


Store NameLocation
Britz Auto SpaB1-01
Mister MinitLG-15A
Pet Lovers CentreLG-20
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