The Elmina Central Park: A Hub of Recreation, Scenic Beauty, and Urban Excellence

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  • Seksyen U16, City of Elmina, 40160 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Elmina Central Park
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CS OfflineCS Offline
04:36 09 Apr 24
Who the hell builds bicycle lane leaving such a big gap? Malaysia road is infamous for potholes but never did I expect brainless constructed bicycle lane with gaps. Cycled to Elmima this morning. Initially I was using the main road until I saw the bicycle lane which I purposely made a U Turn to utilise it for safety reasons. As a result from the more than 1 foot wide and 2-3 inches deep gap, although with 2 front bicycle lights and estimated speed of 10km/h, both my rear and front tyres and tubes suffered irreparable damages. Malaysia truly ‘boleh’! Only in Malaysia!
KIDZ “KidZ 21”KIDZ “KidZ 21”
15:18 10 Mar 24
Have many paths for walk or run or ride bicycle and scooter. There also have mini playgorund fo children to play and have open field such as basketball court. Also can do activitiy such as picnic or healing. It also have lake to do fishing activity. The bridge is so beautiful and have nice view.
Sir Khid (KYDdiology)Sir Khid (KYDdiology)
19:45 13 Jan 24
Great park with lots of facilities for kids to attack and conquer. *Gamuda garden park would be another park similarity. yak yak yeaaaah..till next time and Have a wonderful 2024 ahead peeps.
The JoBen'sThe JoBen's
04:53 21 Oct 23
Well maintained. Only downside is there’s noparking space for visitors. We had to park our cars by the roadside and this is dangerous.
Azmi Mohd TamilAzmi Mohd Tamil
01:12 11 Sep 23
A beautiful park marred by littering by outsiders who came over the weekend. No dogs allowed. No restroom. Beautiful playground.
Mohd AhmadMohd Ahmad
11:17 30 Aug 23
Love the landscape. The steep walkways made it more challenging. The bridge is beautiful. People should park the car at the right place, so the traffic flow goes smoother.
Nero ScyterNero Scyter
09:31 06 Aug 23
great place...weekend crowded..weekdays best..joging..lepaking..picnic..dating...
Alex LamAlex Lam
14:04 01 Mar 23
Drop by this park with your family to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Cyclists can pause here for a rest stop before continuing on.The iconic bridge is quite pretty, but do be careful if you're taking photos from the road. After this photo op, do head down the road to the Elmina Rainbow Bridge for even more photos.
23:03 30 Jan 23
Perfect place for activities with family and friends. Very relaxing and beautiful garden with nice location. Walking around this park is so relaxing and make yourself calm.It's everyone responsibility to take care of this place. Keep it clean. Follow the rules and regulations.
04:40 15 Jan 23
This park is very beautiful, there are many places to walk and jog here, there are always a lot of people traveling here, you can come here with family members to enjoy your leisure time here, there is good car parking facility, there is bicycle facility for small children. , there is police presence here, there is a small lake which is wonderful to see. There are many flowering trees along the road. A truly wonderful place. Photographing on the bridge is especially wonderful at dusk
Ho Pooi YeeHo Pooi Yee
01:33 01 Jan 23
Supposed to be count down party but cancelled, other events ongoing, everything is free except food. Different themes for insta photo, Morocco, Korea, Netherlands and Finland! Super crowded and please take care of your kids especially protection against covid risk! Happy new year!

Nestled within the heart of the vibrant City of Elmina in Shah Alam, a mere 25 kilometres away from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, lies a haven of outdoor leisure and natural splendour – the Elmina Central Park, thoughtfully developed by Sime Darby Property. The park is conveniently located just a 13-minute drive from nearby Bandar Seri Coalfield, covering a distance of 15 kilometres. This park is strategically positioned at the township entrance for convenient access via the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE), connecting Shah Alam to Rawang. It is a prime destination for locals and visitors seeking rejuvenation, exercise, and captivating vistas.

Elmina Central Park is more than just a leisure destination. It is an integral part of the larger master-planned township in Shah Alam, a sprawling 5,000-acre development redefining urban living. This unique township strongly emphasises creating social spaces, urban commercial and lifestyle hubs, and a vibrant infusion of lush greenery. This integrated environment offers a cohesive and holistic living experience, where residents and visitors can seamlessly transition from serene natural landscapes to dynamic commercial and lifestyle zones.

Stretching across a vast expanse, the Elmina Central Park is a testament to the township’s commitment to providing ample space for outdoor activities and communal interactions. Families, in particular, will find solace within the park’s large and spacious grounds, where an iconic and colourful rainbow walkway sets the stage for dreamlike strolls. This pathway offers a whimsical touch to the landscape and beckons visitors to embark on various sports activities. Running, cycling, and numerous sports facilities cater to the diverse interests of park-goers, ensuring a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

The Elmina Central Park’s allure extends to its stunning sunset views over the serene lake. As daylight wanes, visitors are treated to a mesmerising display of colours reflecting off the tranquil waters, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. Upon entering Elmina Valley Park, an eye-catching marvel awaits the Elmina Iconic Bridge.

The Elmina Iconic Bridge is both a functional crossing and an architectural masterpiece combining practicality and aesthetics. Park-goers are encouraged to bring their bicycles, skates, and strollers, enjoying the convenience of a dedicated route. The bridge’s bright red exterior adds colour to the natural surroundings. As the sun dips below the horizon, the bridge’s illumination transforms into a spectacle of light, offering visitors a stunning, equally impressive, captivating night view.

For running enthusiasts, Elmina Central Park presents a 2.8-mile (equivalent to approximately 6,500 steps) trail near Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. This track entails an elevation increase of about 114.8 feet and is classified as having an effortless level of difficulty.

Elmina Central Park has swiftly become a coveted destination, magnetising visitors with its undeniable Instagram-worthy appeal. Notably, the vivid Rainbow Bridge and the striking Iconic Bridge ignited a social media sensation in 2020, and their allure remains steadfast, continuing to draw admirers to the park. Beyond its visual charm, this park has been an abundant wellspring of inspiration for landscape photographers, serving as a picturesque backdrop for diverse shoots, from weddings to product promotions.

This expansive 300-acre park is emblematic of the township’s commitment to sustainability and community enrichment. Its accolades, including being crowned a Gold winner of the EdgeProp-ILAM Malaysia’s Sustainable Landscape Awards in the Landscape Planning category and securing the EdgeProp Malaysia Editor’s Choice Award as Malaysia’s Exemplary Sustainable Community Park 2021, underscore its unwavering dedication to eco-friendly urban planning.

The City of Elmina is a multifaceted entity comprising smaller developments such as Denai Alam, Bukit Subang, Elmina East, Elmina West, and Elmina Business Park. Envisioned to be fully developed by 2040, its population stands at 45,000, with projections for eventual service to about 150,000 residents.

Evoking homage to its historical past, the development area was once a palm oil plantation known as Elmina Estate. Amidst this dynamic setting, Elmina Central Park emerges as a vibrant hub, encompassing various smaller parks, including the Sports Park, Urban Park, Community Park, and Art & Cultural Park – all accessible to the City of Elmina residents and the general public. A harmonious connection with nature is also preserved through the adjacent Forest Park, which borders the expansive 2,700-acre Subang Forest Reserve.

Your Ultimate Escape for Fun and Serenity – Elmina Central Park

Imagine a place where relaxation, laughter, and the embrace of nature come together for an unforgettable experience. Let’s dive into what makes this park an absolute must-visit on your leisure agenda.

Kickstart your day with a leisurely walk in a tranquil garden paradise. Elmina Central Park offers a space to unwind, breathe, and absorb the serene atmosphere. The instant you step inside, the vibrant Rainbow Bridge welcomes you – a prime spot for those Instagram-worthy snapshots. But the magic doesn’t stop there; the iconic Elmina Bridge shines like a precious gem under the sun’s warm gaze.

This park is like a living family album, each corner ready to transform into cherished memories. Are you looking for the perfect weekend hangout? You’ve found it. Weekdays? Even better. And here’s the real deal: this place caters to everyone, from kids to adults. Parents, you’re in for a treat. The iconic bridge is like a page torn out of a fairy tale. A quick tip: When striking those Insta-worthy poses, watch for traffic – safety first. And as if that’s not enough, the Elmina Rainbow Bridge awaits, offering a symphony of colours to light up your social media feed.

But hold on, there’s even more to Elmina Central Park. Nestled within its heart is a charming lake that’s as picturesque as it gets. Imagine capturing the serenity as you jog along the path encircling it. The park becomes a bustling hub of joggers and strollers on weekends.

Here’s the sweet part: Elmina Central Park isn’t just a pretty face. It’s been hailed as a sustainable sanctuary, bagging awards left and right for its eco-friendly planning. That means your visit isn’t just good for you but also for Mother Earth.

So, whether you’re here for a family picnic, a laid-back cycling session, a romantic stroll, or to hit the pause button on life’s chaos, Elmina Central Park invites you to relax, laugh, and create memories in nature’s embrace. Rally your friends, family, and cameras – this park is all set to show you an incredible time, one beautiful moment at a time.

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