McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT (Drive-Thru): Experience the convenience and speed of service

  • +603-3392 4370
  • Lot 10655, Jalan Utama, Bandar Puncak Alam, 45010 Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia.
14:13 19 Apr 24
Order fried chicken set . The coke taste is completely bland , and no gas . I requested to change a new one but it’s the same . Like coke mix with water . The staff say their gas is finish for the day ?And the inside of the chicken is black , literally not fresh .Worst McDonald’s experience ever . Just specifically for this branch.
Kannmani ParamasivanKannmani Paramasivan
03:59 12 Apr 24
I ordered through Mac Delivery.. They didn’t send the complete order. When I called the restaurant no one answer the call. I complained through hotline they said manager of the restaurant will contact. It’s been 3 days and no one called.. We paid for the food. Irresponsible Manager
Qudwatu Ahsana FaieziQudwatu Ahsana Faiezi
05:17 13 Dec 23
Got the wrong order. I ordered Nasi Lemak but no sambal, then I have to wait almost one hour to get the sambal back
Raji PapaRaji Papa
12:18 06 Dec 23
I got ordered nasi lemak 2 pieces ayam goreng but i get one piece ayam goreng only.. Kindly training your staff to prepared the orders carefully.. we are paid for the food and we did not get properly also
MHA 69MHA 69
13:34 24 Sep 23
The food, the service are up to standard for McD franchise. I acknowledge that this franchise has been here for over 10 years, and I think that it could get some expansion as more people have resides in Puncak Alam. Seems like we gotta wait some drug dealer to open up new branch for money laundering purpose 🤣
Fath UzFath Uz
10:41 20 Sep 23
The staff is quite clumsy and rude. No apologies from the staff (wearing grey uniform) since she forgot to put fries in the paper bag. I got kids along and definitely depending on the staff to do the checking before handing over the food to customer. Please, train your staff effectively.
Voiplid TelcoVoiplid Telco
14:45 20 Jul 23
This is my another experience so I'm writing a short review, the burger are given has two fingers whole as per the picture, and tge service are very poor.
Lovely WillowLovely Willow
06:37 06 May 23
I only have complaints about the service & atmosphere. When I went it was fairly empty & staffs were inattentive. Seems like they hid away from customers. But once you ordered, preparation was fast. Delicious too. 😎 Too isolated with weird parking. But VERY clean. 🙂
The food was decent but still can fill your empty stomach. The service is quite slow but it's understandable. The nasi lemak could've been better idk if it's because of me ordering it at 3 am?? And the sambal is decent but I would love to have more than one.
Nur Dalilah ZolkifliNur Dalilah Zolkifli
15:21 11 Jan 23
Whoever works in the kitchen, please check the order twice at least. I ordered condiments which are 2 barbecue sauce (mind you i paid for it) and didn’t get any. And it doesn’t happen once.
Zanariah SuraimiZanariah Suraimi
00:43 16 Aug 22
Been ordered multiple time via this outlet thru mcdelivery apps. Super fast delivery, get my order within half an hour. Just last time three or four days back my order were short 1 set out of two that I’ve ordered. Just realized that after three hours after the meal rcvd. Haha.. Called the outlet managed to speak with their manager Miss Liana even hard to get the line but when hear her voice, it cooling down your feeling hehe very friendly. Went to the outlet to collect the short order, just mentioning her name then less five minutes get my meal. Seeing around this outlet full house with customer moreover it was weekend.

Welcome to McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT (Drive-Thru), situated just a short 10-minute drive away from the vibrant township of Bandar Seri Coalfields. With an enticing menu that caters to every craving, from iconic All Time Favourites and delightful Breakfast options to beloved Happy Meals, aromatic McCafe selections, and indulgent Desserts and Drinks, McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT presents a diverse range of choices to suit every palate.

All-Time Favourites at McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT:

Sink your teeth into the timeless classics that have made McDonald’s a global favourite. From the Big Mac’s succulent beef patties layered with special sauce and crisp lettuce to the Quarter Pounder’s juicy perfection, every bite is an explosion of flavour. Chicken lovers can relish McChicken’s taste or enjoy McChicken Spicy’s crunchy delight.


Start your day off on the right foot with McDonald’s delectable breakfast offerings. Savour the classic Egg McMuffin, where a freshly cracked egg, Canadian bacon, and melted cheese come together in a warm English muffin. The Hotcakes and Sausage offer a sweet and savoury combination that’s sure to please your taste buds.

Happy Meal:

Catering to the young and the young-at-heart, the Happy Meal is a bundle of joy that includes a choice of entree, a side, a drink, and a toy. It’s the perfect way to treat the little ones and bring a smile to their faces.


For those seeking a moment of respite, McCafe presents a selection of premium coffee and tea options. From the rich and creamy Cappuccino to the soothing comfort of a cup of English Breakfast tea, McCafe is a haven for those who appreciate the art of a finely brewed beverage.

Desserts and Drinks:

Indulgence takes centre stage with an array of tempting desserts. The classic Apple Pie boasts a flaky crust and warm apple filling, while the McFlurry serves up a swirl of creamy soft-serve ice cream blended with various delightful mix-ins. To quench your thirst, explore an assortment of cold and hot beverages, from refreshing sodas to revitalising coffee and tea.

This McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT outlet is a convenient destination for residents and travellers, offering a range of amenities to enhance your dining experience.

24 Hours:

Operating 24 hours a day, McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT ensures that its doors are always open to cater to your cravings, regardless of the time. Whether you’re an early riser needing a hearty breakfast or craving a late-night snack, you can count on this McDonald’s location to satisfy your hunger whenever it strikes.

Birthday Party @ McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT

At McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT, special occasions are given a touch of flair, whether you host them at the restaurant or in the comfort of your home. The birthday party options come in packages – Package A and Package B – each thoughtfully designed to craft unforgettable memories. With flexibility at its core, there’s a package tailored to your preferences, ensuring your celebration is exceptional.

Package A and Package B treat you to the vibrant ambience of a festively decorated party room, setting the stage for a joyous gathering. McD’s attentive staff ensures the event unfolds seamlessly, affording you the festivities without worry. As part of the experience, enjoy three complimentary party games that will keep the energy high and the fun levels soaring. The convenience of party invitation cards is also provided, making extending warm invitations to your guests effortless.

Securing your McDonald’s birthday party is a breeze. A visit to McD’s online booking, https://www.mcdonalds.com.my/parties#booking-detail-form reveals an array of options awaiting your exploration. Regardless of your choice between Package A and Package B, you’ll find comprehensive details to guide your planning. From the minimum hours required to the food and beverage expenditure, McD’s packages offer versatility without compromising the renowned McDonald’s standard of excellence. So, seize the opportunity to create enchanting memories with the assistance of McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT, and let the celebrations commence!

Breakfast | Drive-Thru (DT) | Cashless Facility:

Start your day with a delicious breakfast spread, or use the Drive-Thru (DT) for a quick and convenient way to grab your favourite McDonald’s meals without leaving the comfort of your car. The cashless facility further streamlines your experience by allowing smooth and efficient transactions.

McCafe | McDelivery:

Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate the presence of a McCafe, where a selection of expertly brewed beverages awaits. Additionally, the McDelivery service ensures that the flavours of McDonald’s can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, perfect for those busy days.

TV | WiFi:

Entertainment and connectivity are prioritised at McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT. TVs are strategically placed, allowing patrons to enjoy their meals while catching up on the latest shows or sports events. The availability of WiFi further enhances the experience, keeping you connected and engaged during your visit.

Digital Order Kiosk:

Embracing modern technology, the Digital Order Kiosk offers a self-ordering solution that lets you personalise your meals to your preferences, ensuring a tailored dining experience.

The location of McDonald’s Puncak Alam DT transcends its role as a fast-food restaurant, evolving into a nexus of convenience, culinary excellence, and exceptional service. Whether your appetite calls for a quick indulgence, you’re commemorating a special occasion, or you yearn for a meal within an inviting ambience, this establishment caters to diverse needs and desires.

McDonald’s Halal Commitment:

McDonald’s upholds its dedication to diverse food safety regulations, recognising their variation across countries and alignment with local governing bodies and international entities such as the World Health Organization. The company maintains stringent internal benchmarks that surpass the highest global standards. This commitment extends to meeting halal requirements, as Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) mandated, ensuring that every food served in their restaurants is halal-certified.

Their emphasis on halal practices is particularly evident in their poultry offerings, which include chicken sandwiches and McNuggets. These selections are carefully prepared using manually de-boned chicken breast meat, following the principles of halal preparation. Notably, McDonald’s abstains from incorporating additives or preservatives at any stage of their culinary process.

To further assure their patrons, the Halal Certificate is conveniently available for download on McDonald’s official website. This commitment to transparency underscores their dedication to fulfilling and surpassing halal standards. In doing so, McDonald’s continues cultivating and reinforcing their esteemed customers’ trust in their brand.

Website: https://www.mcdonalds.com.my/

Book your party @McD: https://www.mcdonalds.com.my/parties#booking-detail-form

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